A parent or caregiver’s attitude toward and involvement in their child’s education plays a role in the student’s attitude and level of achievement. Communication is the key to positive parent-teacher relationships

school policies, class expectations, academic progress,

student behavior, opportunities for involvement

Teacher success is in part is dependent on the relationships one builds. Finding ways to connect with peers, parents, and students will result in achieving more goals and personal fulfillment.

campus connections, building parent rapport,

creating a classroom community

Ideas and suggestions to enhance your lessons and engage your students.   Discovering new resources to use to enhance lessons and engage students is always exciting! Find new ideas and suggestions here.

books, activities, games, apps, websites

Being a good manager is one of the many roles of a teacher. We are expected to manage our time, resources, and our students.

structuring time to accomplish goals,

creating routines, managing classroom behavior

Effectively structuring daily classroom routines and procedures aid in more efficient use of time and energy.                 

creating systems, record keeping,

storage solutions, prioritizing

Preparation and planning are a critical for accomplishing goals.  It maximizes instruction time, minimizes disruptions, and often eliminates unnecessary stress.

classroom environment, lesson plans,

assessments, preparing for substitutes

Currently, in the United States, there are approximately… 

elementary schools


new teachers

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